FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Where can I find the application forms?

Please download the application forms for your chosen program from the Japan Foundation’s website.

Can I complete the Application Form (PDF form) by hand?

The Application Form must be completed using a computer.

What are the Documents from Parties Concerned?

They are documents to be submitted by the parties concerned (such as referees and advisors), not the applicant (only applicable to certain programs). Please refer to “04-1 Issue URL for Documents from Parties Concerned” in the Operating Procedure for how to submit the Documents from Parties Concerned.

How can I submit multiple project applications for one program?

Create a new account using a new e-mail address with the same account name to submit additional applications. * Please note that you cannot submit multiple applications for the same program using the same account.

I am having a problem filling in the “Original language” field in the Application Form (PDF form).

Depending on your language and/or computer settings, you may encounter garbled characters or other problems. In such cases, you can submit the Application Form as is.

I am having a problem uploading files.

Upload may fail if a file name contains certain symbols. Do not use symbols other than hyphens (-), underscores (_), or periods (.).

I need to edit my account information.

Please contact us via e-mail.

I have read the Operating Procedure, but I still have a question. Where should I contact?

Please contact us via e-mail.